About PRWT Services, Inc.

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Founded in 1988 to provide and manage back-office and clerical support services to government and private companies, we have continually expanded our operations to include business process solutions and operations to meet our clients’ needs. In 2000, our operations expanded to include providing advanced facilities management and maintenance services through our acquisition of US Facilities, Inc. Today, our company is a world-class high-performance provider of business process solutions, document processing, and facilities management services.

For over three decades, we’ve invested in our employees and in the communities where we work and live. Thus, our company has built solid relationships with our clients by delivering innovative cost-effective and efficient services that inspires customer loyalty. Based on our company’s values and performance, we have earned a solid reputation as a value-added strategic partner that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.

As a minority owned company and as a matter of priority, we at PRWT support other minority firms and we make every effort to provide them with subcontracting opportunities and capacity building mentorships to help them grow.