PRWT and Image Capture

Electronic conversion without the hassle

Image Capture Services

Our image capture process can accommodate a large variety of paper sizes for conversion to an electronic or digital image. Our expertise in image capturing enables our clients to benefit from digital conversions without the hassle that is normally associated with scanning preparations, quality assurance, etc.

Our image on demand services provide:
  • Experienced project managers who oversee all aspects of scanning operations and the delivery of finished products
  • Reduced scanning and storage costs by scanning only what’s needed, when needed, and without the initial cost of purchasing equipment
  • Accessible viewing from a secure FTP site or a securely encrypted hyperlink or email attachment
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Mark Sense (OMR)
  • Machine-Print (OCR)
  • Isolated Handprint (ICR)

The above data recognition technologies ensure that business data is accurately extracted and transformed.