PRWT and Call Centers

Professional and efficient inbound call services

Inbound Call Services

We have over 25 years of experience handling customer contacts for clients. From managing centers at the clients site to operating our own centers we will customize a call service solution for you. Our trainers will learn your processes and teach our representatives to accurately and professionally represent you. Our technology allows our agents to operate in specialized call centers located in the United States to service your client calls, text, chat, correspondence, and email. Quality and transparency are paramount to us. We have a dedicated group of quality agents to make sure your calls are handled properly and to provide regular reports. All calls are recorded and can be securely cloud monitored by you over the web if you choose.

Services include:
  • Corporate, Government, Agency business answering services
  • On/off site Management Services
  • Call routing and transfers
  • 24/7 Live answering
  • After hours answering
  • Bilingual
  • Interactive Voice Response/ Auto-attendants
  • Call forwarding