PRWT and Mail Intake Services

PRWT reducing your labor cost and increasing your efficiency

Mail Intake Services

We provide small, medium, and large volume mail intake services. We handle all types of mail for sorting, opening, and batching operation requirements. The opening and sorting of the daily mail can be very laborious and time consuming. Mail intake is usually the bottleneck in many document based businesses. Forward thinking companies have realized that they are able to eliminate that bottleneck and the associated labor costs by simply directing mail to our designated USPS box. We will professionally accommodate your mail intake processing requirements. Our mail opening and processing solution offers the high speed, high volume impact required to reduce your labor cost and increase your efficiency. Let us take away the headache of opening, sorting and batching of your clean and dirty mail.

Mail Intake Technology

We have the capability to streamline your mail intake operation, and transform it into a faster, more efficient, well-oiled machine.

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