PRWT and Payment Processing

Need dependable remittance processing without the hassle?

Payment Processing

Our payment processing systems can support all your processing requirements for both small and large volume remittance in a secure lockbox environment. Our solution is a complete remittance product containing all remittance processing features such as Pass 1, Pass 2, check and stub data entry, scan line fix and balancing. Utilizing equipment from industry leader OPEX, our remittance equipment offers customized requirements tailored to meet each client’s unique need. The OPEX high speed, high volume payment processing platform is the equipment of choice for serious lockbox remittance processing. Our intelligent remittance software captures processes and applies business rules to full-page correspondence documents; checks, payment stubs through forms recognition technology.

Some of the advantages:
  • Covers the entire spectrum of lockbox processing
  • Tailored to meet client-specific requirements
  • Efficient for small, medium and high volume processing
  • Reduce administrative time and cost

Electronic Deposit

An increasing number of forward-thinking companies are looking to increase efficiency, transparency, and accuracy by moving to an electronic deposit system. We are on the cutting edge of this movement, and we are ready to help you to modernize your operation with a fast, accurate electronic deposit system.

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