PRWT and Pick-Pack and Print Fulfillment

PRWT handles the heavy lifting of pick-pack fulfillment

Pick-Pack and Print Fulfillment

Need to print healthcare clients brochures or personalized letters? We can handle that. Have fluctuating, seasonal or high volumes printing needs that require assistance? We’ve got that covered as well.

Let’s face it. Printing, packaging, and mailing essential documents in-house can be astronomically costly. Savvy businesses recognize the benefits of outsourcing these tasks, and they have experienced substantial savings as a result.

We are well equipped to provide storage, printing, and mailing services that allow our clients to focus on there core competencies. We also provide full file and data conversion services that allow our clients to send us pre-printed materials for distribution or electronic files to be printed at one of our sites.

Digital Printing

Need to print more than 100,000 enrollment kits, pre-sale collaterals, or billing statements?
We’ve got that covered.

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On Demand Printing

We can customize an on demand printing solution that allows our clients to get exactly what they need, when they need it. We can also proactively and seamlessly print select marketing materials based upon forecasted demands or historical data.

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Mailing Services

We provide efficient and dependable mailing services to manage our clients’ needs.

We are able to save our clients’ money by leveraging highly automated systems, efficiencies, and shipping volumes at deeply discounted rates, which we forward directly to our clients. We also have the capacity to ship thousands of orders and handle high volume projects on a daily basis.

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