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PRWT and Re-Badging

When a company makes the decision to outsource certain functions in order to operate more efficiently, one of the biggest concerns is their current staff. It is one thing to outsource to a company based upon pricing alone, but another to make your experienced and loyal staff feel as though they were not valuable.

However, outsourcing does not mean you cannot still be socially responsible. We will improve the performance of your operation and/or use fewer costly resources while maintaining your current service level, or even improving it. We value experienced high performance staff and their relationships or experience can improve an operation. Re-badging is a valuable tool to ensure a smooth transfer. We simply transition the employees to become PRWT staff with full benefits and coverage. We can create more opportunities for them and give them more avenues for growth. We value and reward these people and have managed to make re-badged staff happy and the transition of a project as smooth as possible.