PRWT and Call Service Center Technology

Providing the technology to service clients the way they want


Whether by a phone, text, or email, our agents provide an overall positive and pleasant experience for clients of our customers. Our call center technologies enable our agents to perform at their best while our solutions take advantage of modern reliable technologies to ensure up-time, reduce costs, and provide positive experiences to clients. We are able to effectively and efficiently manage the many technical aspects of operating call centers including: telecomm, call switches, routers, cloud services, technical support, virtual assistance, database management, customer support and infrastructure support. Because we understand our clients, we use our technology to respond to every inquiry and transaction quickly and efficiently.

Our services help our clients differentiate their brand, which also helps them compete more effectively with their competitors to create a consistently positive experience for their customers.

Technical Services include:
  • Multichannel contact methods
    • Text
    • Chat
    • E-Mail
  • Interactive Voice Response Unit
  • Advanced Call Recording
  • Auto-attendants
  • Telecomm management
  • Multiple Call Queue/Skill-Set management
  • Database management
  • Knowledge-bases
  • FAQs automation
  • Disaster recovery