Transponder Inventory Management

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Transponder Inventory Management

We specialize in providing transponder (Tag) inventory management and distribution services for New York E-ZPass, which accounts for over 1.8 million Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), New York Port Authority, New Jersey Port Authority, and the New York Thruway (NYSTA) passengers.

Our tag distribution is responsible for fulfilling all tag requests initiated by the call centers, web and interactive voice response units for new accounts, additional replacement, and commercial tag requests. Tags are either manually assigned or assigned by batch.

In addition to our inventory management and distribution oversight for New York E-ZPass, we are responsible for maintaining the inventory and distribution for the NYSTA Commercial Services Group. NYSTA commercial services manages post paid commercial accounts, fusion, and pre-pass fusion programs. It also performs all account maintenance, billing, and customer service activities for all NYSTA commercial post paid accounts.

We maintain tag inventory to support our clients’ demand. Tag inventory levels are maintained by reviewing tag sale trends weekly and delivering the schedule of tag manufacturers.

Our tag distribution supervisors and the operations managers monitor our clients’ inventory. Our production programs manager initiates new tag orders that are approved by our operations and project managers once we receive an agency’s approval.